Southern Marketing Team

Helping businesses bloom.

The Southern Marketing Team works directly with businesses to provide marketing services and solutions for brand development and management, business and client communications, social media management, networking and special events.

Blooming Businesses

Welcome to the Southern Marketing Team homepage. Congrats- you found us! We are thrilled to know that you are in the market for building a better and stronger business, because that is what we do – Help Businesses Bloom.

With years of experience, we have found many small and medium size businesses cannot afford to keep a full time marketing team on staff. Just because your business is new or smaller does not mean that your business does not need marketing services. In fact, new and smaller businesses are the ones that need marketing services the most.

Strategic Marketing Efforts + Applied at the Right Time = Business Growth

As you are looking for avenues to grow your business, consider the Southern Marketing Team. We have a team of experts that are ready to listen to your business needs, challenges and help you define a marketing plan that will help your business bloom socially, digitally and geographically.

Working with a strategic marketing plan is extremely important. We help clients define specific marketing services, to solve specific business problems. Whereas, most marketing agency’s look for tactics to up-sale, over-price, or use super advanced and complicated marketing practices that your business is not ready for or truly does not need at that time.

You have to walk before you run.

We select marketing services that are going to work best for your business needs. Often we start with the basics, Marketing 101. Conquer the basics. Get your business properly aligned for growth, then we begin to apply more advance marketing techniques.

Our goal is to make your business the most successful business it can be today. Therefore, when your business is successful- so are we. Let’s create win-win partnership today.

Let’s get to blooming work!

Let’s build something that is tailored to your business needs.